Friday, April 20, 2012

PAX East

Just wanted to share a couple quick videos from PAX East.  It was a BLAST, though I was only there on Friday.  What a Friday it was, though.  For starters, at a convention with tens of thousands of people milling around, I bumped into Scott Nicholson almost immediately. :)  Board gaming ensued:

10 PM arrived before I knew it, and it was time to screen Going Cardboard!  It was so cool to actually be holding a panel event at this convention. There was a good-sized audience in attendance, and I couldn't help but capture a little of their reaction on my phone.


After the screening and a robust Q&A session, I was able to get in a couple games of Jungle Speed and Spot It! with the Geek Nights guys and their splinter cell of board gamers. Both of those were must-have titles!

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