Saturday, May 22, 2010

Loads of Progress

Not only did I spend Tuesday in a fervor of editing, I also just spent most of today (Saturday) doing the same thing, and boy am I on a roll!

A pretty good segment about Monopoly and the "Ameritrash" concept has coalesced, as well as some more outtake bits for the credits roll (I just really love those). I added material to the segment where people talk about community, and cut in the story of the rise of Unity Games. I integrated a bunch of the Z-Man interview from PAX, as well as the Geek Nights boys, who are very good at stating things in a provocative and intelligent manner.

I added the cutaways I shot of the Microsoft Surface D&D demo to the tech sequence I'm working on (all about the board game port-overs to Xbox, iPhone, iPad, etc.).

Oh, and last Thursday, I ran home for lunch to do a Skype interview with Michael Fox, the creator of the new UK gaming podcast, Little Metal Dog (I'll let you know when that's live). I don't know if the interview paired with taking a vacation day from work to edit had some kind of catalyst effect, but things are moving forward a great deal faster at the moment than they have been in the last couple months.

It could also be the hemp brownies I bought at Lull Farm this morning...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Guys, today is a full-out day of editing. I will report back tomorrow and let you know what all happens! :)