Thursday, January 31, 2013

Postal rate hikes and Going Cardboard shipping rates

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know that this week, postal rates went up by quite a lot for international shipping.  I sent copies of the film to Australia and Spain yesterday, and it cost $12.75 each.  I have raised the International shipping rate on the film at to $9 from $7 to help compensate.  That still actually leaves me eating some shipping costs, not only from the post office, but packaging costs too.  However, I am cool with splitting the increase with you guys.  I just don't feel right going past the $10 mark for a product that costs $20.

I'm still working on digital options, but if you are on the fence, I would still recommend going with the physical version.  It's got 90 minutes of bonus clips and the Reiner Knizia game that the digital version will not offer.  I know this is the digital age, but in this case, there are a couple distinct advantages to going old school. :)

Happy board gaming everyone!  Looks like I'll be checking out Netrunner in the coming days.  I've told my husband I will play the role of the Corporation.  Looking forward to it.

- Lorien