Thursday, March 25, 2010

Going Cardboard teaser clip

This week I've put together a teaser clip for the board game documentary! In this segment, people talk about collecting games.

The segment includes footage shot during Unity XV, and the 2009 Gathering of Friends, all of it was very early-on in terms of development of the story (and really, finding out what the story WAS). It was in many ways the "discovery" phase, which is why I frequently asked the question, "What is the size of your board game collection?"

This makes for a good first teaser, because it's a concept accessible and interesting/fun to both the non-gamer and the die-hard gamer. There are currently several segments close to this level of finished, but last Saturday, this one just wound up being the one that came together and felt "right."

Hope you like it! Stay tuned!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Affording a soundtrack for an indie documentary

It may be putting the cart before the horse (or it may NOT be) but I've been thinking about soundtrack options for the film for quite some time. A site that I've used for unrelated projects at work is (we used their content as the background music for our eCards). This site is run by Partners in Rhyme, and their compilation sets of royalty-free music had caught my eye as an affordable possibility for a film soundtrack.

I'm leaning towards upbeat and happy music, both because I like it, and because the film's overall mood warrants it. I haven't settled on anything specific, with the exception of a closing credits song. I keep coming back to this track by Dan Gautreau as my closing score. Take a listen, for the creepy audio watermark if for no other reason. :) This track just feels "right," and the fact that it has continued to feel that way is a sign to me that maybe it is. For me, it captures both the "keep on keeping on" vibe of the independent designer as well as the friendships and good times of designer board gaming.

There's another option in the mix, though, a member of the board game community who also happens to be a composer is interested in collaborating. I welcome the expertise of course, and anything that benefits the film the way an experienced film score composer would is worth serious consideration. If I can make it work out, I will, because I also really like the idea of involving people who care about the hobby in the process. I'll talk more about this once things are confirmed, I don't like to jinx myself as a general rule (which is why I didn't talk about the fact that I was interviewing Klaus Teuber at Essen until it actually happened!)

Anyway, I welcome thoughts about the track sample above. Upward and onward! :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Heading to PAX East next week

PAX East is next week, in Boston, and I'm both excited and frantic about it. At first I was just going to attend for fun, but of course, the documentary bug wouldn't let that stand, especially not when there's going to be a panel on Sunday about Designer Games by the folks who do the Geek Nights gamer podcasts. And the MS Surface demo going on there, not to mention the Catan tournaments...

How can I not film? :) I just can't not. This does, however, turn it into work instead of leisure. Oh well. I can rest in 2011.