Saturday, February 14, 2009

The next step

This weekend, in between throwing the kids in the tub and doing laundry, I'm re-watching Uber Goober (paying special attention to how it and other geekumentaries open), listening to this week's Double Down Film Show, "20 Filmmaking Lessons We Learned the Hard Way" and reviewing the Unity Games footage from Camera 1.

I went through the footage from Camera 2 last weekend. It is good stuff, but Camera 1 is the camera that was capturing the wireless mic sound for all our interviews, and was also the primary angle view.

The shotgun mic I have for Camera 2 didn't seem to produce thrilling sound quality, but I have to go back and check out the footage in an actual editing program vs. just on the camera.

I'm quite pleased with the interviews so far. What I really need to do next is put together a quick montage of clips from Unity, set to some kind of hip and open source music, and get that posted to the Facebook group. So that's probably the next step.

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