Saturday, February 21, 2009

Billions and billions of bytes...

Welcome to T Cat Pictures, Studio B!

(Studio A is on the bar in the livingroom). It's Saturday morning, and now that I have the necessary firewire, I'm ready start downloading Camera 1's tape footage from Unity Games XV., that file size is going up REALLY fast...not even 10 minutes into this and it's at a GIG?...

I was well-aware that we were going to be talking large amounts of space here, but knowing that in theory and doing the quick calculation in my head that yielded approximately 10GB/hour of footage are two different things.

Fortunately, there are great minds on the case here at T Cat Pictures. My brother had the foresight to give me a Cavalry CAXE/CAXM external USB hard drive for Christmas. "If you're making a movie," he said, "you'll be needing a boatload of disk space."

Time to fire up this bad boy, or, to indulge the makers of this device, "Send in the Cavalry!" The packaging doesn't actually say ANYWHERE how big this drive is, so you can imagine I was pretty happy to find out it was a terabyte (1,024GB).

That outta keep me busy for a while.


  1. Editing off a USB drive can be rough. Good luck!

  2. I edit off USB drives with no problem. But I do suggest, absolutely heavily, that you put your data on two different hard drives AT LEAST, since you have absolutely no tape backup. Consider coming up with a workflow to blow those tapes to DVD-ROMs, too, even though those are long term. Let me know if you need to borrow some hard drives.

  3. GAH, I knew there was something I was forgetting at Target! DVD-R. I'm definitely going to back everything up on DVD, especially since I'll probably have to take the hard drive with me to places like Essen.