Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Editing Extravaganza Day 1

Today was the first day in my 3-day "vacation" for the purpose of editing the film. I've done Saturdays here and there, an hour after work here and there, but nothing before like this. It would figure it's the first day of a humid heatwave, and that there's no air conditioning in the diningroom.

I think I got a lot done. I went through the full interviews I did with Corey Konieczka of Fantasy Flight Games, and Nick Medinger of An awful lot of both these interviews is great material, but for the first pass, I'm just throwing in the segments that are good in the sections they roughly belong in, and will edit that down later.

Here are some of the other things I hope to do in the next two days:
  • A quick trip to Walmart to get a shot of their game shelves for cutaway material - maybe
  • Go through the Essen footage and get the shot of the concessions stand, as well as the life-size foosball table with kids, and the conversation I had with the designer of the marijuana-themed game there
  • Reconnect with Christophe Boelinger, and my contact who runs the gamer cruises
  • Change the order of some of the sections in the timeline. I wrote them all down today in their current order, and some shuffling needs to be done
  • Flesh out the Scott Nicholson segment about Libraries, and integrate the ALA convention footage
  • Integrate Gordon and Frasier Lamont footage from Essen interview - I wonder if I can get stock footage of ostrich racing...
  • Set up black backdrop in the basement, and start filming shots of various board games

That's by no means everything that needs to be done, just some things that jump to mind. I ended the day by re-watching the closing and credits, which are among the closest to finished bits. The momentum by the end of the day seems good, and will hopefully grow tomorrow.

My two hard drives, Deadpool and Venom. :)

It's going to take a lot more than three days to finish this puppy. Things I still need to film but will have to wait for another time (in the near future) include:
  • Catan gaming night - You guys know who you are ;)
  • War of the Ring collector's edition unboxing and playing segment
  • Interview with Myriad Games - a local Salem, NH gaming store with a newly opened second branch in Manchester, NH
  • Interview with Eric Martin of boardgamenews

There are some additional segments I'd do if I had more time and funds, but I've hit the point where I have to realize that I have "enough" and that I could go on filming indefinitely if I let myself. And besides, what would that leave as far as material for Going Cardboard: The Revenge?

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  1. Congrats on the progress, Lorien! Definitely keep at it!