Friday, August 13, 2010

Alllll night long

Hour 1, going through the Mark Kaufmann (Days of Wonder) interview.
  • Heated debate at dinner about editorials vs. documentaries has made me very awake (but with sore throat). All to the good.
  • Fruit punch NOS provided by Justin is enabling lots of editing! Does that make Justin an enabler?
  • Even though I can't really pay attention to it, listening to "She Does" by Collective Soul and loving it.

Hour 2, Mark Kaufmann continued

  • Mark talking about word of mouth and distribution channels, and that designer games don't really belong in Wal-Mart in the first place, because in order to hit the right price points, the quality would have to go way down. And kids, we don't want that, right?!
  • Whistling to Collective Soul "Fuzzy." You know, at first I didn't like this album. It's growing on me. Like this fruit punch NOS...
  • Saving the timeline. I've been bitten by not doing so before...
  • Oh, right, right! Stand up break... BRB
  • Time to switch it up... "Nine in the Afternoon"
  • Can I just tell you what a joy it is editing on a widescreen monitor vs. the laptop??

12:30 AM

  • Sleep, I laugh in your general direction!

1:00 AM

  • Now at bat, the Christophe Boelinger interview from Essen. I love this guy! The hottest French game designer/rapper/extreme sports enthusiast in the entire film, guaranteed! He's sort of got the Viggo look going.
  • Just put a jacket on. This is not August weather at ALL. How refreshing.
  • I think I smell a skunk outside.

1:38 AM

  • hmm, is this train slowing down? Inconceivable!
  • Starting up the interview with the Lamont brothers (Shear Panic, Snow Tails, Savannah Tails)

2:30 AM

  • What? What? Whut? WHUUUT????
  • T-Cat wants to know urgently, "Mistress, what are you doing up?" I tell her, "Not now, the Lamonts are talking about Ostrich-racing!"
  • Film timeline is currently at 4 hours, 37 minutes including bonus material
  • Eyestrain

3:00 AM

  • Finished the Lamont interview, got all the segment marker snips back where they belong
  • I think that's it. I hope this counts as all night...


  1. The really great moments (as I'm sure you know) and not just getting thematic stuff organized together, but when you hit a sound byte and you know EXACTLY where to put it, in a way that makes things awesome. I had a couple of those last night.