Monday, June 29, 2009

Just not what I had in mind

Hollywood is banking on the idea that film versions of Monopoly, Candy Land will be box-office hits.

Reportedly, directors as notable as Ridley Scott and Peter Berg have respectively signed on to big-budget versions of Monopoly and Battleship, and there's even a version of Candy Land in the works. No word yet, though, on the Steven Spielberg adaptation of Chutes and Ladders....

I love the Tim Curry Clue adaptation, but not as having anything to do with the game, just as a fun whodunit comedy. I just don't see this working with Monopoly. Unless it's just their clever way of marketing Wall Street 2...and why not just do another cool submarine movie, like Das Boot? Why's everything gotta be "tied in" these days? Doesn't it virtually guarantee a mediocre movie?

This will be Super Mario Bros. all over again.

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