Saturday, June 20, 2009

Going Cardboard: A Board Game Documentary

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a website!

Oh, right, and...a title! Going Cardboard is the artist formerly known as board game doc. Of course you know this means I need a new order of business cards. :)

So check out when you have a second. It's a work in progress, but I won't deny I'm stupidly excited.


  1. The new site looks great, really top-notch, and I love the new name for the movie. I think you can quite justifiably be 'stupidly excited'! Good luck with the whole project.

  2. Thanks, Brett! I value your opinion as a serious blogger on board game design very highly indeed. :)

  3. The site really does look great. Though I was at the Gathering last April, unfortunately I didn't get a chance to really meet you. I'm super-excited about the doc, though, and am looking forward to it. So glad you're doing this!

  4. The thought that kept running through my head at the airport after the Gathering was, "If I'd only had one more day..." So many great board gaming people in one place. I am sorry we didn't get a chance to talk there! I'm glad you like the site though, thank you, and I'm going to deliver you a documentary to be proud of. Hope to say hello in person sometime. :)