Monday, January 26, 2009

Gearing up

I didn't do an awful lot on the project this weekend, but I did manage to pick up the tripod, a Dynex 60". The directional mic arrived on Friday, that's a Canon DM-100, we'll see how it does. It's not that wireless lav mic that the Down & Dirty DV book was going on about, but that thing costs a wee bit more than my budget will allow right now, so the DM-100 is going to have to do.

The wind buffer thingie looks like a cat toy (I'll get a picture of that tonight for this entry), and if my cats ever laid eyes on it...well, hopefully they won't. And besides, I shouldn't have a lot of windy situations to contend with until my X-treme Board Gamers sequel.

So Sunday I opened up the tripod box, and put the camera on the tripod, then attached the new mic. It looked pretty badass, I must say, very official. Now I just need to swing by Home Depot and grab a light, and I'll be ready to start subjecting my family members to practice interviews this weekend. I am wondering if I can get my hands on a China ball in time for Unity Games XV. That's for diffusing the light, and it just looks cool.

Oh, I also started a group on Facebook for the project. I very much want community collaboration to happen, so that seemed like a great way to both provide news and updates (and video clips when the time comes) as well as get discussions going and plan events. Pretty sweet one-stop shopping when you think about it, and the price is right!

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