Thursday, January 22, 2009

An educational session

I was lucky recently to be able to pay a visit to Jason Scott, and just sit and LISTEN to what he had to say. Jason's already into post-production on his SECOND geekumentary, so you can imagine he represents a phenomenal resource for my own project.

I learned a whole lot about editing the footage that I will soon be collecting, which is great because I'm a total video editing noob.

Do I feel prepared for Unity Games? No, not really, but I AM ready to get rolling!

I've just ordered the directional mic, an extra memory card, and an extra battery. I still need an external light and a tripod, but I should have those by the end of the week. Oh, and transluscent powder makeup...I need that, if for no other reason than to cry out, "MAKE-UP!!!!" between cuts.

Have also introduced myself on the Unity Games message board, warned them of my arrival, and started exchanging emails with some good interview leads.

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