Thursday, March 25, 2010

Going Cardboard teaser clip

This week I've put together a teaser clip for the board game documentary! In this segment, people talk about collecting games.

The segment includes footage shot during Unity XV, and the 2009 Gathering of Friends, all of it was very early-on in terms of development of the story (and really, finding out what the story WAS). It was in many ways the "discovery" phase, which is why I frequently asked the question, "What is the size of your board game collection?"

This makes for a good first teaser, because it's a concept accessible and interesting/fun to both the non-gamer and the die-hard gamer. There are currently several segments close to this level of finished, but last Saturday, this one just wound up being the one that came together and felt "right."

Hope you like it! Stay tuned!

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